Future Plans

The Directorate aspires to achieve the following:

  • Upgrade the school of nursing into college of nursing
  • Reequipped the skill labs of nursing schools
  • Arrange trainings and workshops for nursing education and to increase their knowledge and skills
  • Establish the colleges and universities for reformation of nursing education and clinical education to meet the international standards
  • Make complete service structure for nursing profession
  • Streamline all the affairs pertaining to nursing personal
  • Schedule of new expenditure for the 12189 additional posts required for entire nursing cadre (BS-16 to BS-20) has been prepared and submitted to the Health Department while Health Department approved and submitted to finance department for further necessary action
  • Enhance the skill and knowledge of nursing professionals, two years Post-RN degree program is being started at Postgraduate College of Nursing, Punjab for which government has accorded approval of 20 seats in first batch. This beginning step will be milestone of new era of nursing profession in Punjab